Our Expertise

Isotech Services provides service and support to end users for a range of instruments that were manufactured under the Packard brand name (Packard Instrument, Canberra Packard, Packard Bioscience and CCS Packard). Including (Click to see services offered):

> TriCarb Series Liquid Scintillation Counters> FlowOne Series Flow Scintillation Analyzers > 307 Sample Oxidizer
> Cobra Gamma Counters > TopCount Scintillation Counters> A2024 Instant Imager
> MiniTrak / EP3 Liquid Handler > Stratec Liquid Handler

Supported functions include:

– Preventative maintenance servicing– Applications support– Ad-Hoc repairs
– Installation / Operational Qualification– Performance Verification– Instrument relocation

Our Expertise: